Friday, September 13, 2013

One Small Step Can Mean The World To Someone!

The week leading up to this event was sort of sketchy weather wise.  There was so much rain that the Southern Utah area had flash flood warnings for days.  But, on September 12th, the weather cooperated so that we could pull off the largest of our events in history!

They came from everywhere.  Many that have supported us in other events came and showed their support, but there were new faces in the crowd.  The reason we came together was different than the others in previous events.  This was for Kenzlie Kelton, a little baby that was born with a Club Foot and other complications.

Her first months of life were filled with pain and frustration, as she began to progress as babies do, but her leg being bound in a cast because of surgery after surgery, prevented her for reaching her full potential of typical crawling and walking.

Her cast was bright pink, when we first met this baby and her young Mommy.  Here is a photo of her prior to the event.

But yesterday, she was free of the cast and in her next stage of healing, a brace.  It wasn't pleasant for her and very hard to get used to, but this would be the first shoes she would ever wear!  Just a mere stepping stone to the day she will walk and run and play!

There were smiles and there was laughter and there was MUSIC!  Thanks to the Rock N' Horse Band, providing the beat for the day!  

We thank the following Sponsors for their Generosity and All of the helpers that made this event possible!

Enjoy our variety of photos from the event and again, Thank You to all who supported it, 
we could not have done it without YOU!

Now that's One Happy Baby!!!!!
Thanks Once Again!


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