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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Animals Deserve A Home Too"

Thus begins another fundraising event.  April 3rd we will hold our next Fundraising BBQ to raise money and awareness for 3 of our local Animal Advocacy Groups!  This initiative is a collaboration between Prado & Kramer Real Estate, H.A.R.T. Homeless Animal Rescue Team of Utah, One More Chance (C.A.T.S.), and Pet Matchers.  

We hope you will take the time to either come out and Join Us or reach into your pocket and donate to this amazing event!  These 3 Charities all serve a purpose in the community!

    One More Chance (C.A.T.S.) We partner with the public, caregivers, rescue groups and municipalities to implement and promote non-lethal solutions to homeless cat management.
To reduce the population of our Community Cats through a comprehensive Trap/Neuter/Return program. Community cats being the responsibility of the entire community, we seek partnerships with the public, caregivers, rescue groups and municipalities to implement and promote non-lethal solutions to homeless cat management. We strive to bring change to the way our City government and Shelter management views our Community cats, encouraging funded TNR rather than Trap and kill. Provide affordable services to make it financially possible to keep the cats in the community and encourage responsible care giving. Working with property decision makers in finding common ground that will benefit home owners and the Community cats. Presently, we redeem all fixed feral cats from our shelter, reducing the intake and euthanasia rate instantly. We’re working towards redeeming all feral cats entering our shelter, fixing and releasing them to their surroundings, reducing the intake and euthanasia rate.  


H.A.R.T. Homeless Animal Rescue Team of UtahH.A.R.T. has been operating in Southern Utah since 2009. All of our rescues are in foster homes until adopted.


H.A.R.T. (Homeless Animal Rescue Team) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the number of unwanted animals that are killed at local shelters.

We will accomplish this through working directly with the public, offering the help needed to keep their pets; supporting spay/neuter programs; providing educational information to local school systems; and working closely with other animal rescue groups to benefit all animals.

We are located in St. George, Utah, and strive to help needy animals in all of Southern Utah and surrounding areas.


     Pet Matchers -  is an organization outside of the immediate St. George area with a focus on the large
     animals that often are forgotten about.  These are animals that are hard to find homes for, including horses,
     goats etc.  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mom Pays It Forward Once Again!

In a recent article published after the BBQ for Kenzlie Kelton, St. George News made the community aware of another family struggling with a child in treatment for club foot.  Read the article here. "Crippling Burdens Relieved By People Who Care:  Children With Club Feet one's needs met, another remains" 

Since the article brought to light the evident need for assistance for the Pickett family and Aiden Pickett's ongoing treatments and the toll those treatments have taken on the family, Ashley Kelton felt a need to reach out and help the Pickett's.  She arranged to have part of the proceeds from the BBQ fundraiser held at the Prado & Kramer offices on September 12th, 2013, to be donated to the Pickett family to hopefully help their immediate needs a little.

Ahsley Kelton said that if she had one wish, it was to raise awareness and help those dealing with club foot. She has already allocated a portion of the proceeds to be donated to Primary Children's Hospital to assist other families in need while going through the treatment process.

Prado & Kramer Real Estate would like to Thank Ashley for her generosity in paying it forward.  We feel certain that Kenzlie is in great hands and know that Ashley will be an advocate for the education of Club Foot in the future.

Thanks for being such an inspiration Ashley!

Friday, September 13, 2013

One Small Step Can Mean The World To Someone!

The week leading up to this event was sort of sketchy weather wise.  There was so much rain that the Southern Utah area had flash flood warnings for days.  But, on September 12th, the weather cooperated so that we could pull off the largest of our events in history!

They came from everywhere.  Many that have supported us in other events came and showed their support, but there were new faces in the crowd.  The reason we came together was different than the others in previous events.  This was for Kenzlie Kelton, a little baby that was born with a Club Foot and other complications.

Her first months of life were filled with pain and frustration, as she began to progress as babies do, but her leg being bound in a cast because of surgery after surgery, prevented her for reaching her full potential of typical crawling and walking.

Her cast was bright pink, when we first met this baby and her young Mommy.  Here is a photo of her prior to the event.

But yesterday, she was free of the cast and in her next stage of healing, a brace.  It wasn't pleasant for her and very hard to get used to, but this would be the first shoes she would ever wear!  Just a mere stepping stone to the day she will walk and run and play!

There were smiles and there was laughter and there was MUSIC!  Thanks to the Rock N' Horse Band, providing the beat for the day!  

We thank the following Sponsors for their Generosity and All of the helpers that made this event possible!

Enjoy our variety of photos from the event and again, Thank You to all who supported it, 
we could not have done it without YOU!

Now that's One Happy Baby!!!!!
Thanks Once Again!