Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Paying It Forward for Ivins Mom and her 9 Month Old Daughter born with club foot!

The press is starting to roll out the invitation to join us for the Kenzlie Kelton Charitable Fund BBQ.  Please consider joining us as we come together as a community to raise money and awareness.  Ashley Kelton is now on a mission to educate those around her about club foot.  Having spent countless days, weeks and months helping her precious daughter through this struggle has made her away of just how much people to not understand about club foot.

Primary Children's Hospital has been home away from home for this mother and child.  Ashley's admirable goal is to first address her immediate needs and then pay it forward to Primary Children's Hospital and hopefully help future parents facing the same ordeal.

Please help us spread the word for Kenzlie and the future children!  

Seen on KCSG News!

See in The Spectrum!

Please come out and show your support!


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